1. reddick

    Boarding School in North India

    Hi Guys , I want to know about reputated boarding school for my son for next year. He will be 4 yrs. by then. Please suggest preferly in North India region and also mention it's annual fee. And Is there any other online forum to discuss these issues? If yes, do post their links here...
  2. NitrousNavneet

    Going back to boarding school

    Sorry I don't know where to place this thread So on the topic My friend Is going back to his boarding school and want to make a slogan for his facebook pro pic. Please suggest me a photo or Slogan for It...
  3. C

    Should I go back or not??

    This might be the biggest mistake I have ever made till now. Chose boarding. Currently I m in MIT Gurukul, Pune doing IB board. Previously I was in Gujarat Board. There toh jst read and vomit. In Ib u need to understand everything and if u fail to understand u r dead then. Now the thing is I m...
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