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  1. Sagar Shaikh

    Signature Acoustics Robin Bluetooth Adapter Review

    Mod Edit: Kindly take note that the person who reviewed it works for the store that owns (and sends review units to others) the brand. There is no dearth of Bluetooth adapters in the country. However, Robin, which was just recently launched by Signature Acoustics (SA) claims to be the best...
  2. N

    Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : JayBird or CrossBeats

    I am planning to buy bluetooth headphone for running and gym. After reading a lot of reviews of different IEMs, I have selected two. JayBird X2 and CrossBeats Raga. Both are Sweatproof and have noise cancellation for better sound quality. JayBird X2 is available for around 3300/- at...
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