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  1. X

    Cannot access from Binatone Wifi Router

    Here are my CMD ipconfig messages I was able to access earlier but I cant do that now. Looking forward to replies.
  2. V

    Access binatone wifi router with android phone

    I cannot access airtel broadband wifi router on my Samsung Galaxy Y. router: binatone 150 mbps N ADSL2+ It was installed 2 days back. On first day there were no issues. I could access Play Store and I updated several apps using wifi. Now whenever I try, it repeatedly asks for password...
  3. veddotcom

    Anyone using TP-Link W8961ND | Firmware Issue

    After Reading lots of good reviews Today i bought TP-Link W8961ND to replace my old Binatone ADSL router. I shocked when i saw the firmware installed on TP-Link router is of Binatone, Snapshot below. confirm me guys is that a genuine product or i should go for replacement.
  4. A

    Wifi Router: Beetel 450 or Binatone DT 845W

    Hello friends, I need a little buying advice. I am moving from a wired to wireless mode of communication for the first time. I have two options Beetel 450 and Binatone DT 845W wifi routers available from Airtel. I tried searching a lot of the net but Google doesn't throw up relevant...
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