1. R

    Processor upgrade in HP ab032tx?

    So, my friend has a 032tx with i5-5200u and it bottlenecks like hell. He wants to know whether the processor can be upgraded by any means. I'm sure you cant cause of bga socket in laptops, but is there any method (motherboard replacement etc) by which the cpu can be replaced? Any help...
  2. D

    Looking for a BGA Reballing service for my Laptops motherboard (GPU chip)

    Hi guys. I am looking for a BGA Re-balling service for my old Dell laptop motherboard. The GPU chip needs re-balling, I am from kolkata and I need to find a place that can Re-Ball the chip. I am not looking for a hot-air-blow on the chip type of solution. Those usually last for around 2 months...
  3. rakesh_sharma23

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally. In this article I will show you how a dead graphics card is repaired. No oven baking, no do-it-yourself type trikes, just a pure professional repairs. Meet the victim, my old no display, dead ATI-Radeon X1650 graphics card. Removing the...
  4. A

    i5 3210m vs i7 3612qm...i7 how much better

    Compare Intel® Products ^^ above is the link to the comparison to the two processor in question...just want to know how much better is the i7 over the the fiels of programming,multi-tasking,gaming,speed, performance...etc. Also what the difference between BGA and rPGA...the i5 and i7...
  5. happy20b

    Toshiba Laptop BGA Fix cost

    Dear All, My friend has a laptop, Toshiba satellite and it is not getting powered on. Then he gave it to one service center ( Bangalore) to check, where he told it is BGA chip issue. The service guy has told him that he will inform about the pricing (bga replacement cost + service charge...
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