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  1. theserpent

    Does Burj Khalifa Tilt?

    Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest buliding. My friend was saying that burj khalifa keeps tilting. Is it true? I dont belive him
  2. T

    Shocking Report Card

    Shocking :shock: Report Card A Girl in kerala has scored 100% marks in all the SIX subject !!:shock: Can't belive it!!! :smile: here
  3. M

    which one to choose hd 6870 or gtx 470..

    hey.. planning to get one rig but problem with choosing the gpu. i read like 470 and 6870 are almost the same and i belive 470 is 1k more than the other. and this cost diffrence aint matters. so which one is the best among them
  4. direfulsky


    these days i used to read every where about linux and open source!..do u think linux phenomena is over hypped? even a person having well insight in computers used to have tough time with linux..stilll numerous technicall issues...i do belive still its long road ahead till linux get in generalll...
  5. the.kaushik

    I cant belive this.. New N-gage

    guys check this out.. http://www.n-gage.com/get_ngage/devices.html see the new games: http://www.n-gage.com/showroom.html
  6. N

    Movie Piracy on Internet

    http://forum.****theinter.net/viewtopic.php?t=17232 see this link for an in-depth look at internet movie piracy, u have to see it 2 belive it, requires free registration,,,Is the MPAA sleeping or what
  7. A

    HELP with TALLY 7.3

    8) Hi, there every1. I read in a newspaper about the upgradation of the tally6.3 to tally7.3[this calculates the VAT]. I would like 2 know more about this Value Added Tax, and why are the traders going for a strike against this almost everyday!? I belive it abolishes every possible tax and...
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