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  1. $ingh

    Antec A20 Haetsink Review

    Introduction Antec mostly known for its top notch power supplies and cases have a wide range of products which include some media components and cooling solution too. Today we will be looking at one of the Antec’s new series of low noise CPU coolers i.e. Antec A20 Air Cooler. Antec A20 is...
  2. nikolain

    Entire SVG TECH Cooling Lineup !!!

    Rs.500 OFF on all Air & Liquid Coolers !!! (PROMOTIONAL PRICES TILL END OF AUGUST) FREE SHIPPING ALL OVER INDIA The only Coolers in India whose price did not change even after the USD exchange rate increased. ALL LIQUID & AIR COOLERS CARRY 5 YEARS WARRANTY Warranty Terms...
  3. nikolain

    World's Best Closed Loop Liquid Coolers are here !!!

    Seeing the current scenario of the Computer Cooling Industry (especially Liquid Cooling), I established SVG TECH in 2010, since then i have been working on manufacturing Liquid coolers here in India at a cheaper rate and finally now they are ready. As a side product i have launched Air Coolers...
  4. A

    Ball Bearing

    Sorry i couldn't manage the size of picture As you can can see in the first image, upper part has melted...Where can i buy this(BALL BEARING) in INDIA??
  5. mohit

    FS : Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme + Scythe 63 CFM S-FLEX

    SELLING MY 3 WEEKS OLD TRUE + SCYTHE FAN AS A BUNDLE Both the products have their boxes and all mentioned accessories and are as good as new. Price for the TRUE alone = 2600/- (inclusive of shipping in India) SCYTHE FAN IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme...
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