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    TP W 8968 problems

    modem wont work with or without wireles with my laptop though the bsnl chaps have configured it for my bsnl bbnd connection.however the dam thing is working flawlessly with my mobile phone in wi fi mode.However when i use my old workhorse siemens sl2-141 modem it works fine with both laptop as...
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    wi fi modem for bsnl bbnd

    which one is the best. i am using old siemens sl2-141 almost 6 years old-coonectivity issues here hence when repeatedly fingered BSNL their tech chap tells me time to change this modem,so please suggest. iam using bsnl bbnd home plan 900 unlimited.also whats the average life of a modem. i am...
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    launching internet sidebar icon isues

    my bsnl bottom bar internet connect icon these days takes a long time to lunch(open).i am on bsnl bbnd only in non wi fi mode.what to do
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    speeding up bsnl bbnd

    i am using bsanl bbnd plan 900 combo-the speeds vary from 1.2 mbpps to 2.5 mbps-whats the bloody problem.what can i ask the local lineman to help be about-change the lines etc.what should i do
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