1. srkmish

    How to increase difficulty in Ashes cricket 09

    Hi guys, Even at the highest difficulty level, im finding the game too easy. I wanted to know whether there is any patch nyone has used here to make batting more challenging. I was scouting planet cricket forums but got confused by the plethora of options there. Also im very excited for don...
  2. The Conqueror

    Sorting Data

    Define a structure called c ricket the will describe the following information - i) Player's name, ii) Country name, iii) Batting average. Write a program that will store information of 25 players using this structure, also arrange and display names of these players in...
  3. Sathish

    Help for Brain Lara Cricket 2007

    Hi friends, recently i installed BLC 2007, and i confused about keyboard control. i dont know the keyboard controls of batting and bowling. the games also dont have any detailed settings on keyboard control. anyone plzz tell about all keyboard controls of batting and bowling...
  4. V

    Cricket 2007

    Is there anyway of playing two players at the same time i.e. one bowling and other batting in the same time in Cricket 2007...??:confused: :confused:
  5. direfulsky

    indian batting hits ground zero

    Three wickets for Clarke in one over have sealed a record-equalling 16 Test wins in a row for Australia in the second Test at the SCG, so they take a 2-0 lead in the series. This game has had everything - excellent batting and disciplined bowling, but will be remembered, too, for some...
  6. utsav

    give me some good batting cheats for cricket 2005

    i want some batting help can anyone give me some cheat codes
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