1. mikael_schiffer

    IEMs around 1-2k ..with Playback Controls needed

    I used a Mi Piston earbuds which could control the stock Android music player(forward backward) apart from volume controls.(On my LG G2) I dont remember the exact make and cost of that IEM . I bought it long time back. Can anyone point me to that earphone, or give me an alternative IEM which...
  2. ASHISH65

    Govt body wants OBC quotas in private sector

    Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs Source - Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs - Times of Indi :banghead::banghead::banghead: Looks like in future we need to move out to nation like Canada,Australia etc for job because these politicians have no respect for hard...
  3. Arun the Gr8

    Are PCIe 2.0 & SATA-II backward compatable?

    I am planning to buy the graphics card ATI HD3850 and a 250 GB HDD. Since the card and the HDD have PCIe 2.0 and SATA-II connectors, so I wanted to know whether the are backward compatable with the older PCIe 1.0 and SATA technology; since my motherboard MSI RS482M2-IL supports only these standards.
  4. M

    Strange Problem in Cricket 2005

    Hi guys While playing Cricket 2005 sometimes the front foot shot button "S" behaves like a backward shot button and vice versa . Dont know whats the problem . Help me
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