1. vedula.k95

    [Want to Buy] A college backpack

    Hey guys as the title says I want an online deal for a college backpack,meanwhile I am saving money for a new smartphone so all I need is a mediocre type backpack around Rs 500. Thank You.
  2. R2K

    Shoulder/Side bag or Backpack

    I am gonna replace my existing bag with a new one soon... I just need to carry a notepad, a 14.1in laptop, may be a shirt or two.. What kind of bag would be suitable for my needs...A backpack or a side/shoulder bag or which one do you guys prefer:-D
  3. U

    APC Laptop Backpack

    I have an almost unused APC Laptop Backpack Black in color ... it has a 3.5mm audio connector for headphones inbuilt. I have a bag from Acer so dont need it, bought it 3-4 months ago at 2100/-, selling Price: 1200/-, Place: Delhi, Shipping at Actuals. Bag2 by uzielkr, on Flickr Bag4...
  4. kumars

    Dell Latitude D520

    I am getting D520 with following specs: T2300E Duo Core, 512DDR2 Ram, 945G Chipset, 60Gb HDD, DVD Combo, 14.1inch screen, 3yrs Complete Cover, 3yrs On-Site warranty, Win XPPro Preloaded comes with CD, Backpack and a 256mb pen drive.. .. How is the Config? And any opoinion about the laptop...
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