1. X

    Bought new alienware :D

    Bought new alienware m14x :D[Updated with more pics] Bought new alienware m14x 8GB Ram, Core i7, 3GB Graphix :D Cost me 122000 including tax ;) Have Very awsome Face detection(works with my spex on eyes) and wont detect anyone else other than me, wont detect my photo. Have very awsome...
  2. B

    Bought Corby Pro

    Wel i must say its pretty awsome. :) Opinions?? Where can i find more mods for that phone?
  3. chesss

    Is this rock or metal?

    Hey I hav never ben into music but recently i listened to this 'linkin park' in my cousins ipod and since then, very unexpectedly I am in luv with this sort of music. I listen to their album(meteora) like every day atleast 5 times. Its so intense pumpin , just awsome!! exactly which sort...
  4. I

    Any one goin PS2

    Hey guys, is there anyone playin PS2 games? whats ur fav. my altime best is GOD OF WAR. RESIDENT EVIL 4 is awsome BURNOUT 3 TAKEDOWN and REVENGE is best racing game alongwith NFS MOST WANTED.
  5. G

    video tutorilas

    check this page for awsome video tutorials... *
  6. G

    photoshop tutorials

    hey guys there are some new awsome tutorials at this site check it out *
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