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  1. VarDOS


    Hi Friends Which Frimaware Will I Use To Update The Current Version Of Frimware For Sony DVD RW (AW-G170A).
  2. R

    Sony AW-G170A

    I got the Sony AW-G170A (firmware 1.62) and I am getting the power calibration error while burning DVD-R using nero 7, it burn OK with CD. The DVD-R brand is Verbatim. SMPS: Corsair HX620 I connected one 4 pin cable directly to the dvd writer On further check, the retail box that i got along...
  3. P

    DVD-RW not reading/writing any disc

    Hi All, I am new to Digit forums. I recently bought a SONY DVD-RW AW-G170A, it was working fine until the other day it sudenly stopped reading/writing any disc CDs and DVDs eventhough it is recognised by windows. I have Power DVD and Nero installed for movies and burning respectively. My...
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