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  1. C

    Ainol Aurora 2 VS Ainol Fire

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me & share the differences between 2 tabs Is Ainol Fire worth spending Rs 4000 more than Ainol Aurora 2 tab? And Where I can get the best deal to purchase any of these 2 tabs?
  2. D

    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II is misleading?

    After some time of research which tablet to buy (almost decided to buy but bam!!) I came across a website which says Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II doesn't have dual core processor 0o. Link to website : Ainol Novo 7 II Aurora & Elf 2 are Misleading, Buyer beware! | PRLog Post date: May 09, 2012...
  3. Cyrus_the_virus

    30 Gnome themes to enhance your Ubuntu experience

    Apotheosis Blubuntu Aurora Blue Joy Bluespace Bluman ColorBit Creamy Darker Ice Murrina Elegant Aurora Elegant Brit Gaia Nova Gilouche Posh Rest in Next post Source
  4. anandk

    See Vista's hidden Aurora animation.

    Actually this one can't really be classified as a tip, but its nevertheless an interesting one ! It appears that Microsoft loves Aurora's. Not only does Vista have a Hidden Aurora Boot-Screen, there is also a "hidden" Aurora animation. To see the magic just type "winsat aurora" in the...
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