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    Jbl j03b or audio technica ath sj11????

    I have to buy a new pair of headphones for my ipad. Which one should i prefer between these two?? Is there a better option than these in the same price range??
  2. M

    Headphone confusion. SOLVE IT plzzzzzzz ......

    Hey everyone, First of all, i am new here. :-):-) I have been searching through the different forums in search for a adequate headphone. My budget is 5k. Nothing more, not even a penny. :lol::lol: Please help me choose one. Open or closed does not matter. I want good soundstage plus i...
  3. P

    Audio Technica ath ATH M50 availability in India

    Hi , I am planning to buy Audio Technica ath ATH M50 . What is its lowest best buy price in India ? I have checked pristine note and it says 9700Rs . Regards, Priyan
  4. A

    need info

    i want to buy ath pro700mk2, i have searched all over audio stores in India but got no luck. if anybody knows any website that provides these or ATH dealers then it would be really of great help.
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