1. Neo

    IEM for ~2k

    So my last one KZ ATE died out after like 6months. Those sounded amazing for their price. My only complain was they were big. I prefer small IEMs, though I can't really complain at 600 bucks. Got any other suggestions for under INR 2000? Or should I just order the ATE again? I like deep...
  2. sushovan

    KZ ATE Buying Advice

    After going through a lot of options for an IEM under 1K I have zeroed in on KZ ATE. But the ways of getting it seems too few in India as I could only find this Knowledge Zenith ATE HiFiNage Indi . Can this site be trusted ? [ Aliexpress is not an option since I need it within this week itself ]
  3. Mizanurification

    Kz ate

    [Review] KZ ATE I ordered KZ ATE from AliExpress after reading all the reviews. I wanted to get ED9 but it wasn't available at hifinage. This is my first import. Anyone ordered from AliExpress? It was shipped on the same day and I got the tracking details. Will I have to pay any customs...
  4. The Incredible

    2GB PenDrv showing only 49MB

    Recently from an old Digit DVD I turned my PD into a bootable device with DSL in it. The problem is when I formatted it, it ate up my PDs memory and my computer is only showing disk space of 49 MB. How could I get the lost memory back ?
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