1. vito scalleta

    Router not assigning IP addresses

    my tp-link modem router is not assigning IP address to any device i try to connect to it What could be the problem :|
  2. C

    how to connect 2 computers?

    hi guys, i have a computer and a laptop, wish to connect them because it is easy to transfer data. I have tried to connect them using a cross over cable. ieven have a netgear N300 router. please tell me how to do it. Notr: already tried assigning ip address to both of them, but i was not able...
  3. S

    USB drive not recognised in Windows XP

    Hi I have a 120 GB USB HDD. Till last week whenever I plugged it in my laptop, it used to assign a drive letter. But from yesterday even though it is detecting the drive, Xp is not assigning any drive letter to it. Even in disk mangement it is not showing. I tried to plug it in another computer...
  4. rajeshjsl

    software for assigning password to a file

    is there any software for assigning password to a file please tell freeware
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