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  1. S

    If there is no sizeof operator in C

    I do not have much knowledge about compilers and all. I have one simple question about C programming. If there is no sizeof operator in C then does those pointer arithmetic work or not ? I am very much confused about it. :-? Please somebody help.
  2. Pragadheesh


    hi, how to find factorial of a number(from 1 to 10) without using, >loop statements like for, while, do while. >conditional operators like if, case. >arithmetic operators like + , - , * , % , /, ++, --.??!! is there anyway to do so using logical operators.!!
  3. akshaykapoor_3

    Solve this if you can !! :D

    A person has challenged his friend to find the common word between arithmetic and geography....Now He has to find a word by using airthmetic and geography.....on his way,he is trying to find the ways to get common between arithmetic and geography.........In one correct way,He is doing arithmetic...
  4. P

    Arithmetic operations in flash

    I want to perform arithmetic operations in flash. i am using flash mx. how can i do it?
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