1. esumitkumar

    Somebody trying to steal/reset my gmail pwd. HELP !

    Hi Somebody is trying to reset / steal my gmail password. As a safety feature, gmail sends password assistance to secondary mail account. I am receiving these mails once in every 2-3 months :-x I have full headers of google password assistance mail sent on my seconday mail account. Can...
  2. C


    I purchased a TATA INDICOM data MODEM. It doesn't came with software for windows Vista. It's packaging date is of Apr 07. Is there any software available now.Plz help urgently.
  3. A

    transferring files between mobile and pc

    I am presently using Xubuntu 8.04, i am facing problems in transferring files between pc and mobile. if i select "data storage mode" while connecting mobile, it is opened as USB drive. i can see folders in the MMC but when i want to copy any file it hangs in between. same problem was there in...
  4. S

    ShaPlus Dataone usage finder 2.8

    ShaPlus Dataone usage finder (now updated for new portal) New version 2.8 released with following addition * Add new combo plans plans Home 500 C and 500 C+ * Changed revised Tax rate in estimated bill Download latest version from *shaplus.com/dataone update 4th Apr 2008...
  5. V

    Help me in findling out the real sender of this mail

    Hi Friends, i got a mail from a company regarding recruitment. Since i had a doubt in that company. i traced that email headers. i found that it has been mailed from a NOCC mail client. Not by the company's SMTP server. I think my analysis is right. even though i had a doubt. I attached that...
  6. premsharma

    AMD Processors' Prices Slice is Reality Now!

    AMD has cut prices of its Processors todate i.e. 09 Apr 2007 Here is the official weblink: *www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_609,00.html?redir=CPT301
  7. freebird

    kernel-2.6.19 onwards CD/DVD IDE drives are detected as SCSI/SATA like /dev/scd0

    I have installed kernel-2.6.20 in Debian latest via custom apt repo.afterwards udev is creating all these device files and expecting my ide dvd writer and cd writer drives as scsi devices! here is the udev file: # CD-RW_CRX210E1 (pci-0000:00:0f.1-scsi-0:0:1:0) ENV{ID_CDROM}=="?*"...
  8. Matrix

    Cricket World Cup 2007

    ;)Hey Friends...we r about see another battle between Top 16 Cricket playing Nations..from 11th March 2007 in West Indies....So get ready to feel the heat... I'm posting Match Schedule of World Cup here...Enjoy...:D _____________________________________________________________ Group A (St...
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