1. ajayritik

    Is it ok to have 3-4 SATA HDD used at same time

    I have 3 SATA HDD and one IDE HDD which I have connected to my desktop. I have data in all of these drives. Is this setup ok I heard the term RAID but not sure if that applies here. Just worried that accessing mutiple HDD will affect the HDD performance in the long run.
  2. J

    group policy doubt

    hi, here can somebody help me with group policy,what is the sequence it applies to domain,local,site,ou and what is the sequence we can implement group policy.
  3. astroutkarsh

    DSLR Basics

    DSLR basics with examples. Canon DSLRs and Lenses 101 - Canon Digital Photography Forums Though it is for Canon, but applies to any DSLRs.
  4. Y

    Changing a processor...

    Guys I've got one amd system running on asus board...I've 1 simple question.. If i change my processor to a new one which my motherboard i have to reinstall xp?..I know u have to install if u r changing the motherboard...does the same applies to processor?...
  5. F

    Get the WOW for XP : Aero with Vystal

    From V Y S T A L - Reloaded gives your XP the "WOW"! It applies the Aero Glass effect to your XP borders just by one click. It has also many features like customizing border... An alternative to WindowBlinds ;) *Latest Build*...
  6. rahul_becks23

    Gimme Transparent Borders

    Hey,does anyone here know about any software that gets u transparent borders EXCEPT WindowBlinds. Another exception is Glass2K,cuz it applies transparency to the whole window. So,guys,got any ideas.
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