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    how to remove cydia on ios 10.3.2?

    i download cydia to my iphone 7 plus running on latest ios 10.3.2 update using website. but this cydia app store is not fully functional like untethered jailbreak. so now i want to remove this app, does any one know to remove cydia ios 10.3.2 on iphone 7 plus?
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    Apple iPhone 4s - 8GB at Rs.8000 and 16GB at Rs.9000

    Model number and details: Apple iPhone 4s 8GB & 16GB - Factory Unlocked. Date of purchase: April 11, 2016 Reason for sale: I was import Apple 4s 8GB for using it for creating a tutorial but never use it and 4s 16GB mobile was purcahsed for selling purpose but decided to close e-commerce product...
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