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    SE198WFP optimum settings

    Bought a new comp.Need optimum settings for my Dell coz its looking a bit blurry and enlarged. My config E8400 Transcend 2GB RAM Ati HD4850 Dell SE198WFP Abit IP35-E WD 640GB Zebronics Antibiotics + Powersafe 500W Logitech Spill Resistant Keyboard Microsoft Comfort 1000 Mouse
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    New config (intel)

    hey guys this is my new config which i'm gonna buy 2row. Procc - intel C2D E6550. mobo - ????? Ram - Kingston 1GB @667mhz HDD - 250gb seagate/WD sata 2 Optical drive - lite-on / sony dvd rw cabinet antibiotics or peace frm zeb spkrs - altec lansing APT 3 a printer (will c) and the most...
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