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  1. S

    PC Mointor (Anti-glare, VESA mount, 19inch - 24inch)! Suggestions welcome!

    Hi guys, I am currently on a Dell 19" monitor (VGA) hooked to my Asus Maximus VII Ranger. I am looking to add another monitor to this setup. 1. Budget? 8k (can extend to max 8.5k) 2. Display type and size? Size: Preferably 19" - 22". (or 18.5" - 24") Panel: IPS preferred. Also, fine with TN...
  2. sahil1033

    Glare solution for Dell S2240L

    I've Dell S2240L and I love the monitor but the thing is it is too glossy and that's irritating. Is there any way to eradicate this problem? Any anti-glare coating? There are many TDF users owning Dell S2440L, kindly help.
  3. Tech.Masti

    Anti-glare screen guard for LED monitor

    are there any anti-glare screen guard available in market for LED/LCD monitor?? some friends told me that its not necessary to use anti-glare in LED, but then why DELL monitor's are coming with in-built anti-glare ?? Shop Dell Monitors By Design if anti-glare screen is available for LED, where...
  4. A

    Anti-glare glasses for monitor ????

    Dear Friends, I had recently bought anti-glare glass for my monitor, so that my eyes are not strained, i just wanted to know how effective it is?? Attached to the glass is a small wire that sneeks out and i am supposed to ground it, what does that mean? how do i ground it?
  5. D

    Do i need Anti-glare screen?

    1) In what way does it help? (i use comp a lot) 2) My monitor is somewhat Curved(14inch). So will the antiglare screen fit on my monitor? 3) I have set refresh rate at 85Hz. Do i still need the anti-glare screen?
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