1. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Car amplifier.

    I have a friend and he just bought a 300w SubWoofer for his car. and was looking for an amp to go with it. Most of the amps he found were about 10k so, I asked my dad and he was willing to make one. Now the problem goes as follows- He used to make a lot of amps in his old days with premade...
  2. funkysourav

    Is It Possible to Run a R9 280x or Any Other 250watt Card on Corsair VX450(40 Amp)

    As the thread says, I want to know if it is possible to run a R9 280x on a VX450 PSU? Corsair VX 450 is rated at 33 amp at+12v rail (396 watts) but is in actuality a 550 watt PSU with more than 40+ amps on +12v, as shown/tested on Hardwaresecrets, all the while maintaining clean power and...
  3. D

    My MCB is getting trip whenever i start my cpu...what to do.

    I am using Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK 600 Watts PSU. My first problem is that PSU came with Euro three pin plug and i am not getting a good convertor for that from the market. second one is it has 15 amps plug so i am not able to use it in my Spike guard as it is of 6 AMP rating. every time i...
  4. sayan8

    What is the minimum amps reqiurd fr a HD 7750

    I hav a AMD 7750.So my frnd also willing to get it...But he is wondering what is the min amps required on 12v .... Please reply
  5. tkin

    Buying from MP4Nation, HELP!!

    Hi, I want to buy this: FiiO E17 Alpen DAC & Headphone Amplifier + Free Brainwavz Beta + Free Overnight Fedex to select destinations - Audio Amps & DAC - Headphones & Amps from MP4nation, I want to clear a couple of things. 1. What are the payment options? Can I pay through HDFC Platinum/Axis...
  6. L

    AC Power Cord problem

    Hello, I just upgraded to the Corsair CX600 V2 PSU for GTX 560 Ti. The A/C power cord that came with it is really weird. I've APC 800W UPS and there's no power socket there which would accommodate this really huge 13 Amps A/C cable. I had a 10 Amps VIP Gold power cable which I'm using now...
  7. S

    Need help from electrical engineers

    Hi all, need some clarifications from electrical engineers, in our industry we are upgrading a three phase induction motor from 30hp(22kw) to 50hp(37kw).my question is on what basis the electrical Amps rating is given to motor.I have seen some motors of 30hp whose amps rating differ from 40 to...
  8. A

    ps3 at stake.audiophiles help needed bro n i have challenged each other,who makes the best pmp rig. So he has chosen Ipod touch ,ibasso t4 ,ear pollution nerve pipe. Mine Archos 5 imt. Now i need your help Should i go 4 linearossa w1 or samson s amp or fiio e5 4 amps And between koss porta pro or hd201. The decision...
  9. D

    Problems with 9600 GT... Seeking advice on SMPS/PSU

    Hey! I just bought an nVidia 9600 GT based GPU, but I am experiencing some problems with it particularly while playing games… I guess my problems stem from the fact that my SMPS does not meet the cards minimum requirements… I own a standard iBall 400 Watt SMPS, which has 17 Amps on...
  10. quan chi

    require good smps for low price.please help

    hi friends. i have a vip 300 watts smps.which have 18amps on 12volt rail many people advised me to go for a minimum 400-500watt smps . of the following companies zebronics,antek and coolermaster. but since my budget is low now.i will go for those later. so for the time being i want a...
  11. S

    is my pc screwed or is my pc screwed

    according to ***cde** magazine had an articles about powersupply, they had a chart accoring to it, i should have the 12 v rail giving around 17 amps where as the smps says 12v rail 10 amps so, whats goin on here....
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