1. rohitshakti2

    How to use Ampere apk?

    Hi Pls tell How to use Ampere apk? I recently installed Ampere apk. I tried but most of the 1-2 amp charger at home, my 2 amp chargers are showing reading of 1800+ but after a few minutes they come below 700 or so. Am I doing something wrong or Pls tell how to use this apk properly ...
  2. M

    can my 450watts psu handle hd5770 ?

    my psu has 2x4pin molex and 2x sata connectors and 10 ampere on 12V+ railing. can it handle hd 5770?
  3. A

    SMPS Power Detection

    Hi all been a long time since i posted, anyway wanted to know, how to determine if the 300WATT SMPS Frontech i have is actually a 300WATT SMPS or some lesser cheaper variant ! Also Anybody from chandigarh can guide me to a place here where i can buy good BRAND SMPS's ! ? Also the ampere...
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