amd a8

  1. K

    how to overclock AMD A8 APU series

    i'm using lenovo laptop g51 series i need to overclock AMD A8 processor
  2. mikael_schiffer

    Graphics related problem- HP G6 2005AX

    Hello. Firstly i want to say that i bought my g6 2005ax around 4 months back following the advice received from you people. The forum was burning with g6 g6 g6 and i couldnt find a better opportunity to buy it.. Love this machine and i am so thankful to this community... I am part of the family...
  3. J

    HP Pavilion G6-2010AX or HP Pavilion G6-2103TU

    Looking to buy a new laptop, in the price range 35-40k have narrowed down to two choices: 1) HP Pavilion G6-2010AX 2) HP Pavilion G6-2103TU usage will be for everyday use, movies and gaming. both have a good configuration, at this price, the only doubt in my mind is wether to trust...
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