1. Vyom

    I got my first Raspberry Pi 2 :D

    Hi friends, I got my first and new Raspberry Pi 2 board yesterday. I bought it recently from a lightning deal from And I am very excited. Here are some pics: More Pics in this Imgur Album: My Raspberry Pi 2 ! - Album on Imgur (around 10 MB) The specs of Raspberry Pi 2 is: SoC...
  2. Vyom

    Discussion: General Online Shopping Discussion

    Need of this thread: We had following threads: 1. Flipkart Discussion, and 2. Section where you can post Positive or Negative experience on Online shopping Hence the need of a thread where general discussions can be had (right now for all shopping sites except Flipkart). So post general...
  3. sksundram

    One Plus One and mi3 available on Amazon

    OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi3 now available on Excerpt : If you were planning to buy the OnePlus One handset, here is some good news. The OnePlus one and the Xiaomi Mi3 are now listed and available on for Rs. 34,500 and Rs. 37,450 respectively.
  4. sling-shot

    Discussion: watch thread

    We have a thread watching Flipkart and is useful. Similarly this thread for watching which in my view is a good alternative to Flipkart. ----------------- At the outset I would like to say that to-date I have ordered 3 items from and the experience is as follows ...
  5. lywyre launches Music, Luggage and Games stores

    Was expecting a mail from Flipkart regarding the Moto G launch, but got a mail from launching Music, Luggage and Games stores Music: Music Luggage: Buy Travel Luggage Bags, Backpacks, Briefcases, Shopping Bags & Accessories Online at Low Prices in India...
  6. TheHumanBot

    Negative Experience Stay Away From

    Date of purchase: January 08, 2013 Tracking ID / Order ID: ### Seller Name: ITShop ITSHOP @ Courier used: #### Complaint details: Ordered ES18 on 8th Evening and received an email for order placed then next day i was expecting to receive an shipment dispatch details with courier...
  7. akhilc47

    Thanks Guys.... Ordered Lumia 720

    Thank you guys for helping me to choose this mobile. I ordered Lumia 720 from . They are giving 10% off on selected mobiles so got this phone at 15.8k. I think it's a good deal because at local shops here in chennai like mobilestore,univercell it is sold at 18k and at fk it's 16.xk...
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