1. sushovan

    KZ ATE Buying Advice

    After going through a lot of options for an IEM under 1K I have zeroed in on KZ ATE. But the ways of getting it seems too few in India as I could only find this Knowledge Zenith ATE HiFiNage Indi . Can this site be trusted ? [ Aliexpress is not an option since I need it within this week itself ]
  2. RON28

    Refurbished iphone 4 from Aliexpress

    I want to buy an iphone 4 from aliexpress, but when i saw videos of unboxing of aliexpress iphones, they don't get a "set up your device" window. they directly come to "unlock phone". My doubt is, if the iphone is refurbished, they should remove previous owner's apple id and icloud account...
  3. Mizanurification

    Kz ate

    [Review] KZ ATE I ordered KZ ATE from AliExpress after reading all the reviews. I wanted to get ED9 but it wasn't available at hifinage. This is my first import. Anyone ordered from AliExpress? It was shipped on the same day and I got the tracking details. Will I have to pay any customs...
  4. adityak469

    Buying Phone From AliExpress

    So I was thinking to get a phone from AliExpress for my friend. I've ordered a lot of stuff from there but all of them were <$20. This would be my first big purchase from AliExpress. I am only worried about customs as I have no idea how it works. Can anyone share their experience of buying...
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