1. dotcommakers

    e90 question

    hello friends i am planning to buy e90 in near future.. can any one give me idea or link for "instant messenger" feature in e90.. i have checked all features demo just this one left i know the softwares like agile [ i have purchased that!!]. I was just talking about "instant messaging"...
  2. R

    Y i cant use any apps which require wap?

    hey friends, I have nokia 6600, which has s60 symbian os. My Airtel Wap is activated & i can browse the net using services & opera both. But the probelem is i cant use any s/w that needs to be connected with wap. I tried MIG33, Agile messenger, yahoo Go, etc, in Mig33 i get an error...
  3. virus_killer

    Agile Msngr. prob.. ??

    hi guys,, i have updated my Agile Msngr from V.3.0 to 3.78, the version 3.78 was on trial period of 7 days , i had dwnld and installed the version, but now the problem is trial period has expired and its not workin now so i hav reinstalled my older version but whenever i...
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