1. U

    please quote the price(not new but old one)

    hello friends please help me in giving a justified price quote for one year old cpu here is the list procy AMD phenom x3 dont remember series but must be lowest one mobo Gigabyte 780g 2gb ram(had to ask agian or see whether it is 667 r 800) hdd seagate 250gb dvd rw cabinet
  2. H

    advice .. my computer and laptop got virus

    hey frdzz .. i have a laptop and desktop connected via router wrt54g of linksys .now few days before first my computer starts hanging when ever i use the net and wen offline .. nothing happens . i reformated it but the same problem. then the router gets hanged agian and agian the last my...
  3. wizrulz

    Booting And Sound Problem

    From past few days i cant hear anything from my creative 5.1 speakers.. :( I dont usually hear music on my PC...but one day i wanted to but i couldnt.... I have Creative 5.1 Soundbalster live sound card......with the s/w provided with it i have tested it and it has passed all no...
  4. G

    AVG Update backup !

    I wanna install XP again . How do I save the AVG, Ad Aware Se and SSD Update definitions that I dont' have to update them all over agian after installing XP . Will copying the DRIVE:Program files/Grisoft/AVG folder and then overwriting to the new AVG install serve the function ? ...
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