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  1. T

    the fastest PCIe bus powered Card

    hiii guys this may not be the latest news in the market but the fastest PCIe bus powered card is the 6670 GDDR5 naaaa its the AFOX 6850 LP ya i know u have never heard of that company before so did i More over the card is based on a fully working version of the HD 6850 core and it sticks to...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    Some Wonderful AFOX HD6850 Cards

    AFOX HD6850 ONE SLOT - AFOX AFOX HD6850 Low Profile - AFOX AFOX HD6850 Green - AFOX just wondering why not in India? :-(
  3. Jaskanwar Singh

    AFOX reveals GT 530

    AFOX AFOX reveals GT 530 graphics card | hw-lab.com
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