1. Alok

    Angry Birds Space

    Those old pigs are now high-tech and made to far planets in galaxy. But angry birds launced to space without any rocket or space-ship, just by using the slingshot.:-D addiction is same with new style. YD_BhG-X-Ig
  2. Ankit07

    Is Reliance Broadband good?

    Are there broadband services & customer care good? I realy liked there plans!:D Specially surf addiction 500kbps,night zoom 799,night zoom 999! *
  3. anarchy0x

    The Hazards of Gaming: Videogame addiction

    I have not played videogames since 5 years, simply because I didn't upgrade my computer. 5 years before, I would play games for like 4-8 hours a day. Currently,I am at home & not doing a fulltime job so I was wondering if I get a new pc, will I be prone to the same addiction? I do feel like...
  4. Gigacore

    Internet Addiction Test - Online

    This is something interesting I came across. Take a test ...get the results and post it here :p My score: 71 :-?
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