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  1. BBThumbHealer

    Boot Screen Probleem - Tune Up Utilities 2008

    Hi Guys, Whenever i create a new bootskin using tune up styler and apply that , it automatically activates the No GUI boot option in msconfig<boot and as a result , evrytime i boot , i get that hidden aurora boot screen instead of which i wanted ! what could be the problem ? Thnx...
  2. anandk

    Some New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Vista.

    Some New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Vista. Win+g - Cycles the Gadgets selections. Win+Spacebar - Brings Gadgets to the front Win+x - Cycles though the Mobility Center. Win+Tab - Activates Flip 3-D. Win+u - Activates the Ease of Use Center. Win+t - Cycles through Taskbar Programs Alt...
  3. M

    Vista Crack Means Big Trouble

    The exploit doesn't break Microsoft's anti-piracy mechanism, but falsely activates some Windows Vista versions ??? http://www.worldwidehints.com/Vista+Crack+Means+Big+Trouble.html is it too late now?
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