1. amjath

    Lenovo negotiating an HTC acquisition, report

    Lenovo negotiating an HTC acquisition, report says - news Possibly another acquisition this year

    Intel To Buy Security Firm McAfee For $7.68B

    The Silicon Valley giant will pay $48 for each share of McAfee, a 60% premium to Wednesday's closing price. The stock last traded at that level in 1999. Intel's acquisition of McAfee, the company's largest-ever purchase, seeks to help the company expand into two new markets: smartphones, and...
  3. iMav

    Google to buy Digg

    View Full Article: TechCrunch
  4. Dark Star

    Nokia to finalize Trolltech acquisition today

    The European Commission has issued final approval of Nokia's bid to acquire Trolltech. Nokia expects to move forward with the deal and finalize the approximately $150 million acquisition today. This acquisition arrives during a time of major transitions for Nokia, which is moving beyond...
  5. Gigacore

    AMD Tuning Out Distractions to Bring ATI on Board

    Worldwide lawsuits against Intel and four straight quarterly losses have distracted AMD during its integration of ATI Technologies, but the merger remains on track, according to industry analysts. AMD's acquisition of ATI for US$5.4 billion, announced in July 2006 and completed one year ago...
  6. __Virus__

    Song recording from sound card

    Hi All, Was just wondering how to record a song without a mic when its being played. I have some protected wma files which wont play without those license acquisition and take quiet a while and if there is no active internet connection, they just dont play. So if someone can put some light :)
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