1. D

    Accenture or TCS - For laterals

    Hi All, Need guidance of you guys. I have an offer of both Accenture and TCS. Which would better or more suitable to join for growth and onsite (US or UK). In terms of onsite which is better. I am having 12 Years of experience in Java/J2EE but from last 3 years working on digital platform in...
  2. H

    TCS or Accenture for Sharepoint

    Hi Recently i have got selected in both TCS as well as Accenture. I m confuse which company to join ,Packages offer are almost same. Which Company either of two has more Sharepoint Growth i have 2.2 yrs exp in Sharepoint
  3. tkin

    TCS or Accenture?

    Hey guys, recently I got selected in both TCS and Accenture campus recruitment drives, now they are giving identical salary(3.16 lakh PA for TCS and 3.0 for Accenture), but Accenture will be giving 23k per month as fixed salary while TCS will give 19k per month as fixed salary and rest 5k is...
  4. A

    Accenture Vs TCS

    Hi I am currently in a final year engineering (Instrumentation Technology branch). I got campus recurited to both TCS and Accenture :) I am in a dilemma regarding which one to choose. I have found that both companies have their (+) and (-) TCS: (+): Excellent Job Security Kind of easy...
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