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  1. Zangetsu

    Good Dual Layer DVDs 8.5GB

    Hi Guys, Need to buy a good Dual Layer 8.5GB DVDs so suggest good ones recently bought Rainbow DVD-DL (8.5GB) but found that actual space is 7.96GB :-x so suggest ones which has actual space > 8GB space how is Moserbaer Buy Moserbaer Dual Layer DVD Online
  2. gsmsikar

    Empty DVD R media 8.5GB

    can anyone tell me what is the lowest price of Empty DVD R 8.5GB media? what is the price in loose packing and in box packing ?
  3. C

    I cant Get 8.5GB DVD

    I cant Get 8.5GB DVD ( Empty) in HYD they r Sayin...it is Banned In India...Is it.. :shock: n..whtz the price.. N also.. nero 7 Showin...4489MB...But i hv...4.7 GB...where Is My 211 MB... tanxx Chindi Chor.. :arrow:
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