1. S

    GTX 550 TI to GTX 750 TI Performance Improvement

    Hi, I presently have a Zotac GTX 550 Ti. I am thinking of upgrading this to a GTX 750 Ti. I am not sure if the performance is worth it and if I will see major performance improvement. One website actually stated that the 550 would perform better than the 750 with high AA. Any inputs on...
  2. S

    GTX 750 Ti for 768p gaming

    Will the GTX 750 Ti be able to max out heavy games like far cry 4, battlefield 4 with a decent fps>45 at a resolution of 1366*768 ? any help will be appreciated
  3. S

    GTX 750 ti for gaming

    Is the GTX 750 ti good for gaming at a resolution of 1366*768. My specs- i5 4440 Kingston 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHZ
  4. N

    Bsnl wimax howi 750

    Hii everyone, i wanna know how much does it totally cost to get bsnl wimax 750 tariff inc. cpe and other (i have no idea) i just applied for bsnl wimax but i don't know if they are going to give me a connection or not. if i want to connect 2 or 3 pc to wimax and make a hotspot for mobile...
  5. jkultimate

    750 vs 750ti...Does it makes a huge difference.?

    Cards considered: Asus 750 1GB ddr5 and Asus 750 Ti 2GB ddr5. Will extra 1GB and some more CUDA Cores and texture units makes a huge difference.? Games I wanna play, GTA 5 (when it comes to pc), FIFA Series, GRID, DIRT etc..! (No fps games.) 750 costs 9500 and 750 Ti costs 10900. Budget is...
  6. I

    UPS for my build

    Hi, I need compatible UPS for following build: Intel i5 4690k MSI Z97S SLI PLUS 4 GB 1600 MHz x2 ASUS Strix 970 x2 - SLI Seasonic M12II 750 (system might be overclocked in future) Please give full model name. Thanks.
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