1. I

    Lens required for Canon 700D

    Hello everyone. I own a Canon 700D(thanks to all who recommended it on digit forum). Back again to find a good lens for my camera. I've filled up applicable questions below (: What's your budget? 10K-15K Max Camera Lens type? Required Lens for Canon 700D What will you be shooting with this...
  2. vishnov

    100d vs 700d

    I am planning to buy a new DSLR and was torn down between 100d and 700d. I was planning for 100d with standard 18-55 mm stm lens for 33k from Amazon and later buy myself a tamron 70-300 mm lens to go with it. Or I was planning for 700d with dual lens kit (the typical kit) from Amazon for...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Canon 60D, 700D or some other

    Need to buy a DSLR for a friend. They're planning to spend about 50k on the camera + kit lens. What would be a better option, going for the older but tried and trusted 60D or the new 700D (which is almost at a 15k premium). Or is there a competitor from nikon that might be a better bet?
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