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    Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 unveiled

    "Samsung on Monday launched its 7-inch tablet with GALAXY Tab 3 - 7-inch tablet with its WiFi version to be available globally in May while and 3G variant in June. The company said that The product availability varies by market and will be rolled out gradually." Samsung 7-inch GALAXY Tab 3...
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    7" Microsoft Surface may surface later this year

    iGyaan.in | 7-inch Microsoft Surface Coming Later This Year?
  3. Tenida

    ViewSonic ViewPad 7E debuts new 7-inch tablet at Rs.13,000

    Source Review Link
  4. iMav

    TwoDaLoo, For Couples Who Share Everything

    Cant keep away even for nature's calls ... heres the thing for u!!!!! The TwoDaLoo is called a "supertoilet," created to "save rocky marriages and the planet." Not fancy enough for you? Get it with a 7-inch LCD TV and an iPod docking station, so you won't have to look at each other while you...
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