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    500W PSU/SMPS under Rs. 2000

    Hi guys, Please suggest a good PSU of 500W++ under ₹2500. Which has a 6-pin connector for graphic card and 8-pin connector for 12V ATX slot My config is: AMD FX8320 processor GIGABYTE LMT78 motherboard XFS R7850 graphic card 500GB HDD + 6GB RAM DVD RW
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    New UPS

    The following is my configuration. AMD PhenomII 955BE @3.2GHz Gigabyte GA 880GM-USB3 Sapphire HD 6770 4GB Corsair 1333 Mhz Dell IN2030M 20" LED Western Digital 500GB Blue Samsung DVD+RW FSP Saga II 500Watt CM Elite 310 I need a suitable UPS for this rig ..Thank you :)
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