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    Best mobile phone in 5000-6000 Rs Range ???

    Friends, I need your help to buy mobile phone worth 5000-6000 INR. There are so many models and i cant choose from best mobile. I will love to have Android OS but i know its not possible in 5-6000 budget :cry: My Basic requirement are Camera (at least 2 Mp) , FM radio and social...
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    Need suggestion on External Hard Disk

    hey what would be the best external hard drive capacity of 1tb for backing up movies, or videos ,games and songs within a price of Rs 5000-6000..i need to buy one quick..........please give a reply at soumalyasinha481@gmail.com..............as the digit team
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    mobo for 5000-6000??

    which mobo would be the best for the price of 5000-6000. i won't be going for onboard as i will be opting for gfx card? how are mobos based on the nvidia 61xx series?
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    Suggestions Needed

    Hi, I wanna buy a new color mobile. Which one shud i buy ? Also how is Nokia 3100?? My budget is between 5000-6000. Reply sooon,
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