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  1. R

    Car Speakers and Ampilier.

    Hello My last thread created a lot of Confusion to evry1 including myself, as I didnt knew what I was to connect to the AMP. So I'm back to make ur suggestions simple. I need an AMP( Budget 5-7k) to power to 2 speakers and 2 components. Also Suggest me a pair of good speakers budget 5-7K...
  2. S

    CDMA + GSM dual mobile around 5-7K !

    Hey guys, need a CDMA + GSM dual mobile phone. Budget is 5-7K INR. Will be using Tata Indicom cdma, no issues with internet/3g support on cdma/gsm, touchscreen not an issue. Must have camera + bluetooth. please suggest a good one. Thanks.
  3. A

    Cheap upgradation

    I am right now having an Intel P4 3.0 ghz system with 2 gig of ram but now I want to upgrade to a new and probably faster cpu my budget is around 5-7k in which I will also have to upgrade my motherboard which only supports P4 45nm processors. But I am having a hard time finding processors that...
  4. SlashDK

    [Urgent] Headphones for 5-7k

    I'm getting a new pair of headphones for my birthday. The budget is 5-7k. Please do suggest wireless headphones as well. I'm open to buying from both Nehru Place and online. I'll be buying them this week so please suggest. I hope the details are sufficient since i'm a total noob in audio :(...
  5. V

    Gaming Headset for 5-7K

    Hi guys, I wanted to buy a Gaming headset for around 5-7K. Stuck between Razer Megalodon, Steelseries 7H and Logitech G35. My onboard soundcard ain't awesome, and I play a lot of FPS like CS where positional info is of greatest concern. Good music quality would be nice but not that...
  6. M

    gfx card help

    My specs are: D101GGC Intel origial motherboard 1.5 GB RAM Pentium D 2.6GHz Pls. suggest a gfx card b/w 5-7k that can play GTA 4,Crysis 2 etc.
  7. A

    Which Mobile after Nokia 6233

    Hi All I lost my 18 months old Nokia 6233 yesterday i bought at around 7k. Now i want to buy the phone with same facilities at 5-7k range. Please suggest the phone comparable to my old nokia 6233.
  8. tuxfan

    EPABX for home

    Hi guys, I am looking for an EPABX system for home use. Need 308 (3 lines, 8 extensions) with a budget about 5-7k. Any suggestions? TIA.
  9. Dink2cool

    Mobile in the range of 5-7k

    Hi guys ... I want to buy a cell within the range of 5-7k ... till now i've shortlisted only two phones L6 and nokia 6070 ... are there any other choices also available within this range ... While telling the prices also state how much memory the cell has and whether its exapandable or not...
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