1. stonecaper

    Corsair CX430v2 430w Vs FSP Saga II 500w Vs Seasonic S12II 430w

    Confused Between the Above PSus.Please help me to choose One. 1. I Like corsair Because its Corsair and has the best RMA service 2.I Like Seasonic because its supposed to be **THE BEST** and has a 5 year warranty 3.I like FSP because its 500w (More the merrier,aint it?),cheapest of the...
  2. R

    FSP SAGA 500W or Seasonic s12II 430W??

    though i'm myself using SAGA+6850.....but now one of my friend is planning to buy the same GPU.......so he want to go with Seasonic s12II 430W.....but he has a doubt that will the 430W PSU be better than the 500W saga????....and yeah he is ready to spend around 2.6k......so plzz don't reply that...
  3. M

    corsair 430W SMPS

    I am planning to buy this smps IS it good ??? :razz:
  4. rohitshakti2

    Corsair CX 430w or FSP SagaII 500W?

    Is Corsair Builder Series CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W ATX12V Active PFC Power Supply [CMPSU-430CX] better than FSP Saga II 500W and is it 80% certified? I am going for the following configration: Pro - AMD X4 640 MOBO - GIgabyte 880GM - UD3H HDD- 1 TB Seagate or WD Blue DVD - LG 22X Monitor...
  5. keith_j_snyder2

    FS: Gainward 6800GT GDDR3 AGP/ CM X430W

    Hi, I m selling my GAINWARD 6800GT AGP with Dual Slot/Fan cooler with 256MB GDDR3 memory. The card is Golden Sample Edition & can run almost every game like Assassins Creed etc. on high settings. The card came as a RMA for my Gainward 6800GS PCI-Ex. I m also selling my Cooler Master Extreme...
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