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    Need Motherboard for i3 4150

    Hello guys Im planning to buy an Processor------Intel i3 4150 Motherboard--Gigabyte B85m-d3h Is this board a good one?? i have a Zotac Gtx 650 1gb I also want a smps,i have heavy power fluctuation in my area and my system gets shut down. also a cabinet within 1.5k if possible...
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    Does this mb support this chip.

    I purchased Asus B85M-g and i3 4150 and ram corsair valueselect cmv4gx3m1a16000c11 (4*2) will this go together ? 1) Does asus b85M-g support i3 4150 by default ? 2) Do I have to flash the bios to support it ? 3) where is the bios version printed on the board. 4) can i get the bios...
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    i3 4150 Idle and Full load temps?

    Please let me know your i3 4150 idle and peak temps. How much diff would it make if the PC cabinet is placed in Room temperature.?
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