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  1. P

    Need a non-smart tv of 40+ inch budget ~30k

    1. Budget? ~30k 2. Display type and size? full hd/4k,va panel preferred(for better contrast),40inch plus size needed 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV 4. Ports Required? 2 usb and 2 hdmi will be good otherwise no problem 5. Preferred choice of brand? anyone but should be reliable 6. Any...
  2. rajesh00

    Suggest FHD TV 40+inch at max budget 50k

    Hi Guys,Its been very long time m here. Need some advice on getting Good 40+Inch TV(higher the better within budget).Should have Good clear Display and min or no motion blur.Should have ports for connecting playstation/HDD etc..And the last good service. - - - Updated - - - 100 views and no...
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