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    Anyone from Pune?

    Hi everyone....I'll be relocating to Pune in a few months and I'm new to the city. I'd like to know the following - 1. Which providers offer the best 3G experience in Pune? And GPRS? I'll mostly be using my phone for internet access. 2. My place of work is in Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar...
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    Need a 2.1 speaker within 2k-3k

    Hi, I need a 2.1 speaker system within the range of 2k-3k. Please suggest me one.
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    suggest 2.1 speakers for 2k - 3k

    hello, Could you please suggest 2.1 speakers in the price range of 2k-3k. . if possible , something better than creative inspire 2.1 . thank you
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