1. A

    Resolution woes

    Hello guys ! :razz: 1. Can I get any 20” LED monitor with full HD res? 2. What is the difference between 19*10 res in 20” LED and 19*10 res in 22” LED monitor. 3. Isn’t 22” is biggy ? Purpose : HD gaming Reason : I can’t afford GPU except 6850 :?. if I get...
  2. vivekbabbudelhi

    Dell E228wfp 22" Lcd Monitor

    Dell E228WFP Oh finally I got it delivered today. I’m struck with viral fever so I’m at home thus I received the delivery myself. Delivery was done by ASL guy today at 11.30 am. Details regarding purchase are: Total payment: rs 19,000/- inc. of tax & delivery for 1 power cord...
  3. vivekbabbudelhi

    Help Me In Buying A 22” Lcd Monitor

    HELP ME IN BUYING A 22” LCD MONITOR HI GUYS I want to buy a 22” lcd monitor .My main usage would be DVD-videos & TV with compro video mate tv gold + 2 & yeah no gaming at all. My BUDGET AT MOST IS 22K .so for that usage pattern & budget TN panel would be good enough….S-IPS are too...
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