1. saikibryan

    2000Mhz RAM

    Hello everybody, I've bought 4gb of 2000mhz ram alongwith a hexacore amd+gigabyte 890gpaud3h mobo. my bios is showing 1333mhz as ram speed... any solution or a way to make this ram run in 2000 mhz speed? thanks saiki
  2. W

    Need advice to use DDR3 2000mhz RAM

    I need advice to use DDR3 2000mhz RAM on gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3 Motherboard guide says 1866+ OC Ram and not 2000+ OC Will it be compatible? Is someone already using this configuration? As I need all the members advice before buying this RAM
  3. zegulas

    AMD problem

    I have an AMD 3000+ processor and installed the cool & quite software, it says it would bring the freq down to aprox 800MHz when not doing anything, but the software just brings down the clookspeed by 200MHz i.e. from 2000MHz to 1800MHz. What should I do to bring it down to save power. It does...
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