1. H

    I cannot seem to access 192.158.x.x for the routers setup.[Wishnet

    I recently bought a wireless n300 [D-link] but i cannot seem to access the page. It just doesn't open the page.
  2. N

    Need help to setup a browsing center!!!!!

    Hi all!!! I am new to this forum... I am started a browsing center last month... It contains 6 clients and one server, all are using Winxp pro with sp3... Server has 2 Network Interface Card's, First with ISP's Static ip 123.238.XXX.XXX Second NIC with the following info...
  3. Krazy Bluez

    BSNL DATAONE Siemens Modem ?

    Hi guys, I have BSNL Siemens C2110 Model Modem and would like to know how the modem configuration page will open ? i've tried but it fails to show the page, I am using firefox for this, what should i do ?
  4. go4saket

    LAN Problem!

    Hi Guys! I have two computers connected to each other via a switch. The problem is that whenever I try to access the other computers files by going to "My Network Places", it takes 2-3 minutes to open, which I feel is very long. Once open, accessing files isnt a problem. The settings are as...
  5. 144

    Network Problem. Neet help urgently

    I have a small office network, all running windows xp professional 32-bit version. All are on the same workgroup 'WORKGROUP' and the IP's are,, has the broadband modem, and the connection is shared. this pc has the DNS setting provided by the...
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