1. Rockstar11

    Sennheiser HD 201 or Sennheiser HD 202 II??

    which headphone is best?? budget 1500rs
  2. T

    Amd a2 x4 630 / p2 x2 555 be???

    pals.... my mobo is ASUS M4A78-E 3GB DDR-2 USAGE:- Photoshop CS2 + ACDSEE 10 (12 HRS NON-STOP USAGE DAILY) needed a right procy..... AMD A2 X4 630 / P2 X2 555 BE??? which 1 will be better 4 my usage.... as it is.....without OC. and which cooler would be good (max budget :-...
  3. chavo

    Want to buy a good head(ear)phone under 1500rs

    hey guys..... I want to buy a very nice headphone or earphone to listen on my mobile phones.....( i have nokia 5610 & samsung beat i450) i have 1500rs to speand for it........ please dont tell me ep-630 as i allready have it.....they r amazing.... but need a change now.... im looking for...
  4. V

    how to increase SHARED MEMORY

    can anybody tell me to how can we increase shared memory as graphic memory i have now 32 mb as shared or agp memory with 512 ram, even ram never goes up more than 240 mb so i want use rest memory as shared memry so atleast i can play some high graphic games. if u thinking to update BIOS so i...
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