1. sourishzzz1234

    Cam within 8K >5X Optical Zoom

    Can u suggest me a good camera within Rs. 8K, more than 10MP resolution and >5K optical Zoom... I prefer Canon,Nikon,Sony and Kodak
  2. Cool Buddy

    Prosumer camera for ~16000

    I was in a doubt about the correct section to ask this, but this one felt the best. My brother is looking for a prosumer camera for around Rs. 16000 (stretchable to 18000). (He doesn't have access to the internet currently, so i asked). The main requirement is good image quality (obviously) and...
  3. phanisrinivas

    best digital camera " under 7k "

    I want best digital camera I have sugessions also - Kodak C 140 ( 8.2MP, 3X) - Samsung ES55 ( 10MP, 3X) - Polaroid 10MP - 5249Rs. - FujiFilm A100 ( 10MP, 3X) - Cybershot DSC-W180 (10MP,3X) - Price? - Canon Powershot A480 (10MP, 3.3X) - Kodak C180 (10.2MP, 3X) Which...
  4. A

    Urgent help in buying a mobile.....

    hi guys.... one of my fren is in a need of buying a new mobile..but he doesnt know which one to choose... His requirements are It should be slim,good music,3g,built in GPS,Very good battery backup*,wifi (if possible) no need of more pixals camera becoz he has a digicam of 10mp.. His budget is...
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